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Are YOU looking for information on the upcoming election? You’re not alone!

Some of our followers would like more information about those running for office in Arkansas, as well as the issues on the ballot for the General Election on November 6th, so I decided to make a post with some helpful links:

  • For those of you who need to check the status of your voter registration or absentee ballot, go to VoterView.
  • This link provided by the Arkansas Secretary of State lists the offices up for election and district composition. For a visual depiction of the districts, click here for maps.
  • Ballotpedia offers great state by state information about state politics. The main page for Arkansas politics can be found here, but there’s another link for information about what’s on our ballot in General Election on November 6th
  • For information on the candidates in the US House of Representatives election in Arkansas, go here. You’ll find links leading you to information with as much information Ballotpedia could compile about the candidates—including links to each incumbent’s voting record.
  • This link will take you to information about the Arkansas State Senate elections.
  • This link will take you to information about the Arkansas House of Representatives elections.
  • There are five statewide ballot questions that have been certified for the General Election. Issue 1 would place a half-cent sales tax in the state. Issue 2 would authorize cities and counties to create districts for redevelopment projects. Issue 3 would allow for casinos in the state, while Issue 4 would allow for a casino in seven state counties; however, the two measures, proposed by two different sponsors, were rejected and votes for and against will not be counted. Issue 5 would authorize the use of medical marijuana in the state. If you would like to read the actual legislation for each issue, click this link provided by the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. 

I made this state-specific, as I’m pretty sure y’all can find a plethora of info on the presidential candidates without any assistance. I hope this helps y’all! BE INFORMED VOTERS—REBLOG & CHECK OUT THE LINKS!

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medical bills

$120 down and $300 to go. I don’t even want to think how much it would be if I didn’t have insurance. Thanks Obama for letting me stay on my dad’s insurance! 

Now get it together body! 

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"Obama was born in the darkest depths of Mordor"

"Obama was born in the darkest depths of Mordor"


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