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My name is Emily. I'm a vegan and aspiring ESL teacher living in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is where I share things that, well, I'd like to share.

February 15, 2012 1:43 pm

I love being vegan, but…

I hate it when someone (with the best of intentions) offers me some kind of non-vegan food. Everyone is eating lunch, and this super nice lady just offered me cake. I barely even know her, but we see each other around the department, and it was really nice of her to come all the way to my office to ask me. If it were vegan, I would have accepted it just to be nice (I’m not even hungry right now). But I had to decline, and it felt awkward to say anything more than, “No thanks, but thanks for offering!”

I want these people to like me (and maybe remember me when they are hiring new faculty:), I hope they don’t think I’m a big, anti-social, cake-hater.