We lose weeks like buttons, like pencils.

My name is Emily. I'm a vegan and aspiring ESL teacher living in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is where I share things that, well, I'd like to share.

August 14, 2012 11:32 am


theboulderrollingsociety-deacti: Part the Last: Humans are homocentric. This is the same as any other species, all of which are specie-centric to their own tribe. Humanity has squandered its intelligence (and its spirit) and become the most destructive force on the planet. The hope is that we can use our intelligence, reconnect with our spirit, and move toward a holistic approach that will allow us to live within each other and within creation

Right. I agree. We may be the most clever and able bodied species on the planet, but we have certainly failed to prove our intelligence, or at least we have proven that we can ignore facts when profits are at stake. More than being homocentric and putting our species above others, we are egocentric (at least the most powerful are) and we will often put ourselves and those closest to us above everything else, people and the planet included.  The majority of people are victims of the powers that be whose greatest success is making everyone believe (in the US) that money is a natural motivator and simultaneously that corporations are capable of caring about consumers. All of this only makes it more important for people to open their eyes and work to limit their compliance as “consumers.” Once people begin to realize the extent to which they have been blinded and exploited, they will begin to make more environmentally and ethically sound decisions about who they buy from, what they choose to buy, and how they use and dispose of products.  And all of this begins with conversation, and people sharing knowledge and information even though it might make others uncomfortable.  Although I think it’s important to not engage in heated arguments, it is important that vegans and non-vegan activists are honest about why various issues are important to them. This is the only way that they can hope to educate the people around them, or at least expose them to the truth.