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August 12, 2012 1:30 am

A call for open discourse between vegans and non-vegan activists:

It’s amazing how angry people get about veganism. Merely mention the word and someone is bound to share how delighted they would be to feed you a burger, or better yet they might call you a racist. What better way to dismiss an entire ideology whose followers (the majority, I believe) are trying to do what’s best for animals, people, and the environment. Why not open a discourse with someone you don’t understand/ don’t agree with? Just because I am vegan, it doesn’t mean that I have suddenly become cut off and unconcerned with all the other stuff that’s wrong with the world! If there’s something else you think the vegan community should be aware of, why not just say something like, “hey vegans, be aware that some produce is harvested by the slave(like) labor of illegal immigrants”? 

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